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62. hedsor.com Choosing (or making) your perfect wedding rings with Roz Prest of Rosalyn’s Emporium with this ring i thee wed Q. How soon would you recommend that a bride & groom begin the search for their wedding rings? I would suggest researching and setting your budget at least 8-10 months before the wedding. If you’d like to make your own rings (or have them custom designed/made) six months before is the perfect time to finalise your requirements and book a consultation. Three months before the big day you will be attending your experience day. Q. Is it important to set a budget before going ring shopping? The cost of a wedding can quickly mount up however try to remember that your wedding rings will be worn long after the day itself and budget appropriately. Do explore different options and places to buy wedding rings as you would any other aspect of the day. You might be surprised at how affordable a bespoke wedding ring can be. Designing your own rings and even making them yourselves can add sentimental value in a way that nothing else can. The memories and experience of going through the design process with your fiancé will be a very special part of your wedding planning process. Photo credit John Nassari “Out of the whole wedding day wedding rings are really the only item that you will wear day in and out for years to come, do take your time to think about what you like and don’t rush out to buy them”