Hedsor Weddings

4. hedsor.com R eferences to the Manor of Hedsor can be found from 1166 when the estate was owned by the de Hedsor family until 1305. In 1583 a Rowland Hynde built a new Tudor manor house at Hedsor which was badly damaged by fire in 1795. The House and Estate was acquired in 1764 by William Lord Boston, equerry to the Prince of Wales who was living next door at Cliveden. In 1775 Frederick, the 2nd Lord Boston, succeeded his Father and married Christine Methuen. They began to draw up plans for a new house with the help of King George III and Queen Charlotte who were their close friends and frequent visitors to ‘Hedsor Lodge’ as it was described. The architect that was appointed was William Chambers, designer of Somerset House. Queen Victoria became a frequent visitor from Windsor to meet the 6th Lord Boston, riding along the since named ‘Queen Victoria Carriageway’ – 200 metres from the house and leading to St Nicholas’ our neighboring 12th century church. THE HEDSOR HOUSE PORTRAITS The Alan Ramsay portraits of King George III and Queen Charlotte, hanging in the stairwell, were a gift from Lord Boston, godfather to Alexander Shephard. If you go to Buckingham Palace you can see replicas of these paintings. A COLD WAR SPY BASE In 1925 the house was sold to the head of Fiat Cars who undertook very extensive alterations, adding pine and oak panelling, installing several very attractive marble, mosaic and onyx bathrooms and on the second floor removing the Victorian ornate domes. The wood panelling in the Library and Ballroom were from Orleans House in Richmond and this along with the marble onyx in the Bridal Suite Bathroom, from Italy, was said to have bankrupted him leading us to when the current owners acquired the house. In 1934 the house was purchased by Philip Edward Shephard, as a wedding gift for his son Philip and daughter-in-law Florence who had been living in Bombay (Mumbai) at the time whilst Philip performed his role as Editor of The Times of India. The house came with 15 staff and 4 gardeners. A Venue Steeped In History The very beginning... From welcoming royalty from nearby Windsor Castle to hosting some of today’s most celebrated celebrities, Hedsor House is a venue with a colourful and vibrant past... “Lady Augusta’s portrait hangs above the balcony of the Centre Hall and the most acclaimed golf course in the world is named after this famous owner and resident of Hedsor.” King George III