Hedsor Weddings

21. hedsor weddings: the official guide GETTING MARRIED AT HEDSOR HOUSE SPARKLERS Another alternative is to have sparklers at night, you can capture some incredible photos and is a great alternative if you don’t want the expense of fireworks especially if your wedding is in Autumn. It’s a little bit of fun that gets all the guests involved! BUBBLES Photographers love bubbles as they can capture the light in them so they are not only great for pictures but safer on the environment too. BALLOONS (WEIGHTED ONLY) Please note that Hedsor does not allow balloon releases however we are a HUGE fan of Bubblegum Balloons and their beautiful oversized spheres - they create a great opportunity for photos! Arm your guests with one, create an arch and enjoy the photos - just please do keep hold of them and don’t release them ! Three Alternatives to Confetti We would like to keep our beautiful house and grounds in their current condition and for this reason we do not allow any confetti or petals outside or within the venue. Not only can it damage the floor it also looks messy once thrown (especially on our beautiful gravel drive) and we always want you to arrive to the house looking immaculate. So what do the Hedsor team recommend instead of confetti? Gather your guests, create a human archway and grab some... 1. 2. 3.