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20. hedsor.com Q. Which types of alcohol are couples required to purchase through Hedsor House? Wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine, Champagne, port and sherry. Q. How do couples go about ordering their tasting wine and how soon will they receive it? You will order your tasting wine via your Wedding Specialist (Jennie or Natasha) and this can either be collected from Hedsor House within a week of the order being placed (we will advise you when it has arrived) or sent to your home address for a small charge. Q. On average how many different bottles of wine would you recommend a couple orders for their tasting? What is the charge for tasting wines? It will very much very depend on your taste, menu and how much of a priority the wine is for you. I would recommend a minimum of two white, two red and two sparkling. Bottles are charged at 50% of the wine list cost. Q. For couples that have decided to book our Bluebell Wedding are they still able to try other wines and potentially upgrade? We would always encourage couples to sample the Solano which is included within the Bluebell Wedding, upgrades are available from as little as £1 per guest. Q. What are your thoughts on matching wine with the menu? Different wines will complement different foods, if couples would like us to make recommendations it is always helpful to know the menu that has been selected with the caterer who can also sometimes provide guidance. A light Pinot Noir is a wonderful choice of red for summer weddings and recipes made with ingredients like mushrooms and truffles, which are light- bodied but full of savoury depth. Silky whites—for instance, Chardonnays from California, Chile or Australia—are delicious with fish like salmon or any kind of seafood in a sauce. Cabernet, Bordeaux and Bordeaux-style blends are incredible with beef or lamb. The firm tannins in these wines refresh the palate after each bite of meat. Most dry sparkling wines, such as brut Champagne actually have a faint touch of sweetness. That makes them extra- refreshing when served with salty foods, bear this mind when selecting your canapés for your reception. Q. What would your advice be to a couple who are on a tight budget? Our house wine, Solano, has been chosen for being incredibly drinkable and reasonably priced. If you’d like to select some finer wine for the top table only, this is a way to conserve budget whilst still making your occasion extra special for Bridal party. Q. How would you advise couples that are unsure of how much wine or Champagne to order? Calculate your costings and order for a minimum of half a bottle of sparkling and half a bottle of wine per person. Q. When would the bride and groom need to place their final wine order by? A minimum of a month prior to the wedding. Q. What is the returns policy at Hedsor House? Dry hire weddings can take home any full cases or have them refunded. Opened cases are unable to be refunded. Bluebell wedding clients can take home any leftover wine which has been included but not enjoyed. TOP TIP Try and order your tasting wine in advance of your menu tasting so that you can go suitably armed and have the full taste experience with your caterer. Q. Do you have a favourite bottle? Our English sparkling wine Harrow and Hope, is made the same way as Champagne and the vineyard is just a few miles away from Hedsor House - this a real treat to be served for the reception and toasts. I do also love Le Bouquet Sauvignon Blanc which tastes just like Sancerre however is a little kinder on the pocket! An interview with the Head of Event Management and Wine Specialist, Katie Wardle. How to choose your wedding wine