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14. hedsor.com What are the top three most important first steps when it comes to planning your wedding? - Katrina Otter Weddings Enjoy the moment – It’s so easy to rush past your engagement and straight into planning without taking time out to celebrate such a huge and momentous occasion. The planning can wait a while and you don’t have to book and arrange everything in the first month so please stop and take a moment to celebrate being engaged to its fullest before you get stuck into the endless hours of wedmin. You’ll only be newly engaged for a short time so make the most of it whilst you can! When you’re finally ready to start planning then don’t forget to have fun as a couple and remember why you’re doing this. Set your budget – This is one of the first and most important things you need to do when you start planning your wedding. For many, it also happens to be one of the least enjoyable parts! My advice here is to have a full and frank conversation with your partner (and your parents if they’re going to be contributing in any way) about money BEFORE you start booking suppliers and committing to payments. How much can you afford and how much do you want to be able to afford? Make sure that the headline figure for your wedding is realistic and achievable and after that, how you choose to apportion your budget is up to you. Nothing takes the fun out of wedding planning quite like worrying about money, so have the conversation and be honest with yourself. Get everything in order – Once you’ve started making bookings, you really need to get everything in order and then keep it that way! Copies of contracts, terms and conditions and receipts all need to be filed safely, details of upcoming payments need to be recorded, money that you’ve spent has to be noted against your budget and emails from suppliers have to be replied to in good time. Admin is never going to be as exciting as tasting cake or trying on dresses but knowing that everything is on order will keep you calm right up until the big day. Katrina Otter meet the luxury wedding planners MELANIE HELEN Cranberry Blue MATTHEW OLIVER Matthew Oliver Weddings LIESL LAMARE Lamare London KATRINA OTTER Katrina Otter Weddings Wedding planning can sometimes feel like a never ending and taxing process so we have asked some of the best luxury wedding planners in the business to give you their top tips for ensuring your day runs perfectly and you can relax and enjoy this most special of times! Guy Collier Photography Rebecca Goddard Photography Katrina Otter Weddings